Creative Quickies – or how I learned to NOT be frustrated as a new mama!

(Today´s blog post is dedicated to first time-mamas, read more at the bottom about why. Of course, it is dedicated to creativity too, to “Creative Quickies”.)

Dear mama

Are you sometimes feeling a blast of inspiration – perhaps when baby is asleep and you just had 10 breaths and a coffee all by yourself? Do you feel the urge to DO things, write, arrange, create, build, sow, rearrange?

And do you then, not very long after that, feel a deep and burning frustration of not having enough time or energy to even begin, let alone complete that project you felt so inspired about just an hour earlier?

That´s how I felt when I was a new mama. And that´s how the “Creative Quickies” were born!

It´s so simple and it takes 10 min´s to do it. And, it gives your inspiration a place and outlet that in itself can be very healing.

Build your dream

 (Creative Quickie: “Build your dream – step by step, piece by piece, the only surefire way!)

Here is how it works:

1. Browse a magazine or anything you have with pictures in that it is OK to cut in and rip out 1 – 3 images that for some reason speak to you. Dont´t try to understand why, just tear them out!

2. Glue them randomly on a blank piece of paper, using a glue stick. I use a notebook without lines, but it could just be any blank piece of paper.

3. Take a deep breath, and then write whatever words come to your mind. Can be one word, or several sentenses. If you wish, add some doodling. Any writing tool will work, but I love to use a permanent marker so I can also write on the glossy magazine pics. Allow yourself to be a little silly/bold. Enjoy the freedom: no one has to see this, it´s  just for you!

That is it! This way, you can create small “dream-carrier-pages” and know that in 10 min´s you have both been creative AND kept your bigger dreams alive until a day where you will have more undisturbed time and energy to act on them.

I can

It´s ok to not have time for much creativity when most of that energy is going toward a new dear life. But it´s not ok to feel as if our thoughts and inspiration doesn´t have a home any longer. A Creative Quickie can, amongst many other benefits, be a remedy for that.

Hope you will enjoy trying it out!

Now, go visit some of all the other blogs, there is so much care, laughter, remedy and inspiration for new mamas in this amazing group of bloggers!!!

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20 thoughts on “Creative Quickies – or how I learned to NOT be frustrated as a new mama!

  1. This is such a lovely idea Lise, I’m a big fan of Creative Quickies, especially as a new mama – that exhausting period of constant giving when it feels you have such little time to connect to yourself. Funnily enough, our monthly activity (new mama themed!) would fit the approach you describe above perfectly – if you have a moment to join us and share yours, we’d love that!

    • Wonderful Pippa, I will jump right over to see what you are up to!!! I have a feeling of being in such caring, supportive and well ground-connected company with all you Mama-pack contributors, truly!!!

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  6. What a cool concept. I was never much of the creative type (but I am a writer) so I often scribble notes down or store my memos and idea in evernote on my phone. And sometimes when my daughter is happily painting away I’ll indulge myself in a little painting too!

    • Sounds so wonderful to allow for your own creative outlet next to your daughter. To me, creativity is definitely also writing. Thanks so much for your kind words here.

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