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Hi, and welcome!

My name is Lise Meijer.

I am an artist, singer, performer and creativity guide.  I send out the weekly newsletter ‘Creative Tuesday Vitamins’, paint soulful mixed media paintings and often spice them up words.

When I as a young person didn´t get accepted at art academy, I dropped painting for many years. If I wasn´t good enough, in the eyes of others, I would not paint at all.

Instead, I educated myself in dance, but ended up making creativity workshops. The problem with helping others open up their creativity and dreams about creating, is that it becomes impossible to run from your own!

In 2010, I drove home from a workshop and had to stop the car when the most beautiful sunset hit the fields. Then and there I knew I had to catch it on the canvas.

In my own way, with my own brush strokes. Gently, I once again asked creativity to dance, and it ended with an exhibition. Today, I paint and create for a living, and have my own shop, selling original paintings, postcards and posters, as well as workshops. Most important of all, I love to create and to assist others in unlocking their creativity. I have 20 years of experience in teaching and getting the creative juices flowing.

And, I love a good cup of coffee (soya latte) and the color yade green

If you would like the free “CREATIVE TUESDAY  VITAMINS”, please sign up  HERE.

I believe our longings have important messages to tell us about in which direction our area of contribution can be found. And I embrace and love the fact that with many small steps we can move closer to that direction. Just a small step every day will do.

I start every morning with one or more exercices that can help me listen deeper and connect to that creative source that I have come to experience lives in ALL OF US, every single human on this planet. We just need to learn how to access it.

One of my favorite morning exercises is something I call a CREATIVE QUICKIE. It only takes 5 – 10 minutes (I created it whilst on maternaty leave with our son), and it allows us to use both pictures and words, and this mixture is almost irresistible to Creativity.

Also I should tell you that I sing and sometimes write songs, that in a funny way seem to weave themselves into my creative journey and story, like THIS ONE.

I love telling about the creative journey on smaller or bigger stages, and I always bring my guitar and add some songs – and perhaps also a canon for all to sing together.

Here is a selection of videos: me, in the studio, songs I have written, glimpses from exhibitions. You can find my youtube channel with more videos HERE.