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Finding peace inside the great puzzle of life

“Quiet now. Allow the pieces of life to settle in their own way and time. Even a shaken world can be transformed to a wonderful mosaic – with time” Mixed media on canvas, print available here.

The painting “Quiet now” was recently sold. The woman who bought it wrote me the sweetest mail where she told that she had to own it because it gave her a deep and serene feeling of peace. It made me truly happy to hear that.

Happy, because like most people, I sometimes wonder if my contribution to the world really matters.

Happy, because that´s exactly what those words caused in me too.

And happy, because I swear I did not think out this painting and words on my own. They came to me as small parts of a puzzle one day and landed on my canvas. Small soothing pieces from somewhere. And they simply asked me to be there and put the puzzle together. Still today if I have a day of feeling chaotic and without understanding of my road ahead those words give me peace.

Thanks to that angel or fairy or Inspiration who whispered just the right kind of soothing words that day when I needed it. And thanks for being allowed to create and pass it on, and to feel the deep joy of how we are indeed connected to each other during our time here. And how each of us is needed and have  an important part to play  in this puzzle called life.

Joyful wish today

(“Connected”, mixed media on canvas)

Today I have a simple wish:

May every single soul on this planet experience one moment of pure and true joy. Perhaps the quiet kind, a joy that nothing on this earth can take away…..a joy connected to the simple joy of being human.

And may every soul who is arriving or leaving, and all those recieving new life or letting go of their dear ones sense and feel that all is well. All is well, today.

French inspiration – more new paintings

“Carrying roses” acrylic/paper on canvas, 18 x 24 cm 

I had so much fun creating these 3 paintings. I went for only the colors I was attracted to right now and added anything that was pleasing me visually. No deep starters. That was my plan. Also I tried to work faster than usual. I truly enjoyed the process for a change. And I really like this little french inspired series, there are a few more on their way. The above is definately inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts, the awesome girl who inspired me to write her a song before I hardly knew who she was. The song that she later recieved with joy and generously posted on her hugely popular blog and so the joy kept circling, what a wonderful world we live in….

“Slow down” acrylic/paper on canvas, 18 x 24 cm 

Did I tell you I loooove baths? Real ones in a bathtop. And for years and years I lived without one! So I became very creative in scueezing myself into the biggest childrens tub I could track down, adding fancy salts and all to make the most of it. It worked, but of course not as well as the real thing. And now, veeeery soon I am actually going to HAVE ONE in our new almost ready house (almost = a month or two to go). That is so awesome and I am truly thankful!

“You can fly” mixed media on canvas, 20 x 40 cm 

Because we can all fly in our very own way, every single day a little freeing tour or maybe a big leap!

Gisselfeld – you refresh my soul!

A park, a castle, a greenhouse, a café, a shop….a soul-restoring place. Gisselfeld is a place on this planet I totally love to visit. Calmness seems to gently enter me when I enter the gate.

It is also the place where they now sell the new line of Lise Meijer cards, yes, yes, yes!  You can now find them in the beautiful shop inside the orangerie, kept by two incredibly talented men (danish people will know them from the TV show “have haves” about gardens.)

When I was  a young aspiring artist/woman/pathfinder in life, I spend a summer holiday with some friends not far from where we now live. It was a kind of an “artist-hide-away” cottage in the middle of nowhere. One day we went on a bike-trip to a nearby castle with a gorgeous park: Gisselfeld!

I immediately fell in love and went back alone the next day, and sat in the park  for hours, painting and dwelling at the lake. That was then, and that was my first romance with Gisselfeld.

Now, many years later, it has become one of the places I go to every summer to refresh my soul. It is such a magical place. The nature with the giant old trees and the caringly kept gardens with herbs and flowers are truly healing to the mind and soul. The lake creates the pause and mirror we all need in a rushy life.

And then the greenhouses, oh, the greenhouses! Kept like an Aladdin´s cave with small decor-surprise hidden so elegantly behind green leaves and blooming flowers and….oranges! And when you first step in, you´ll be enchanted by the sound of….well, you´ll have to hear that for yourself!

 I am grateful there are places like Gisselfeld, kept specifically to carry beauty and to cause calmness and settlement to stay with us – while we stay with it. That, to me, is special.

Simple joys

I recently felt the need to reconnect with simple things that bring joy. Like buying this new apron to wear during painting sessions. Feels so good to wear a brand new apron for painting, like spilling milk on the floor and having a laughing party!

And writing morning pages, the wonderful tool from this wise creativity teacher. And asking my daughter to take a pic. She did beautifully, right?

And go on a trip with two wonderful woman, my cousin Annita and aunt Gerda! Visit the tiny winy island Nyord together and be tourists, discovering small gardens with openings to new worlds on Nyord

 and be open for spontaneous coffee breaks in homey gardens, here in the local restaurant

garden interior a´la´Nyord…

 feeling happy because someone placed a white chair just there, and someone else painted their fence green!

loving old signs, here sale on wine form Copenhagen

– meeting a shop on every corner

….yes, really every corner!

and easily being convinced that it must be Coffee time again already!

Feeling grateful for it all!

A bit too much of it all….and elastic time

Right now, my life is filled with cards, cards, cards… the first web-shop-edition of Lise Meijer cards! And cellofan bags, envelopes and packaging for shipping them anywhere in the world. I want to let these 8 freshly printed cards begin their journey. They are PRETTY, BIG and GLOSSY,and the colors are truly beautyful. The printer did a good job. Cards are ready. I am ready. My shop is aaalmost – but – not – yet – ready. It will open real soon. Can´t wait to make the announcement.

For first-hand-notice on this and other things creative, connect with me here on facebook, I would love to be your friend in FB land!

Life feels so busy and full these days. Like the pic above: Papers, brushes paint and laptop in one pile! To me the brushes look like they were meant for dipping in the coffee or drinking water. It strangely hasn´t happened yet! Beautyful, creative and a bit too crammed. That is a good picture of my life right now. So many wonderful things. But just a bit too much all together.

Truth is: I am already doing so much of what I love in life. I paint, make postcards, write and sing. And get payed for it. And for that I am so grateful. On the front of the folder above from this retreat it says: “do what you love Lise Meijer”. Yes, I say. And for a good part I am. But I do feel the need to make my inner life more simple. To slow down the pace a bit.

Above: Runes parents came from Holland to visit and help with the house building. Pure joy to watch Celeste and Vincent reunite with their grandparents. It´s only been some months but they sure have been missed.

  I would like my life to have more space around each beautyful thing. I know: that shift can only happen inside me. And I know it is real simple. I also know it can seem so, so hard to make that shift when I am removed from it. How on earth to be at peace with what I do each moment? I actually do know. I simply have to make that peace. And then trust that there is time enough for the really important things. Because there are. I know it. And with the right kind of process time becomes elastic, round and creative. I want that kind of time to have more space in my life. That is part of what I love.

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