Right now, I am part of an exhibition in Pakhuset in Klintholm Havn on Møn (Denmark). Pakhuset is open every day from 12 to 5 pm in july and august, so if you come that way, it´s worth a visit: 2 stores filled with different kinds of art by more than 20 different artists.

(Above: our two sweet neighbours, Birgitte and Sofie in the antique shop on the groundfloor of Pakhuset)


I find that doing exhibitions is a lot of work, but in the end very rewarding. This is was especially fun because of all the different artists gathering. I met some lovely people on the opening day, many of them fellow artists like her and her and this woman, who also is the ideas person and organizer behind the yearly collection of artists in Pakhuset.

And: psst! In my booth you can buy the cards and posters for a reeeally good price!

Looks like a specific card is sold out? Just ask at the desk, they got reserves.

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