“Dancing with life”, print available here.

Today I found this little writing I made a while back. It reminded me why I am here and what is really important. I could use that today, still settling in and adjusting everything after moving into our new house (pics coming soon). I actually wrote it as en “about” piece and never used it. Maybe I will! Wanted to share it with you:

Let me sing a song about life and I will flourish. Let me paint with luminous colors and I will be light. Let me dance alone or with others and my soul will begin to sing. Let me write, and my life story will unfold as the pen moves over the paper.

Let me learn from the stones that make me stumble, and I will grow deep roots of understanding. Let me see and experience all that is beautiful and good and true and authentic, and let me help create, and I have fulfilled my purpose.

But don´t ask me to dwell long on explanations or evidence. For we have been allowed to tread on this beautiful earth, and I will use my time here to be actively parttaking and live as good and beautifully as I can. I am so proud and grateful to have been given the chance to be here, as a human being on this green and blue earth.

Thank you.

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