Above is a good Creative quickie picture of how I feel at the moment: Ideas grow like flowers in the middle of my admin-hour, my walk in the grass, my dishes, my life. As far as I know that is how it is with ideas: as soon as we start creating a nourishing home for them, more ideas come knocking on the door, wanting a home too. Because in this world, things want to be born into reality.

I am just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now, and sad whenever I don´t find the time to act on the ideas I get. So many new things are happening. We are building a house, I am building a  company around my paintings and creativity, both Rune and I have other jobs too, and we are also all the time building a family. Because that is clearly not something that just happens the first years of becoming parents. It is ongoing and growing just as the children.

(Celeste knitting)

It feels impossible to keep up sometimes. Impossible to find time to do the laundry or have a chat with my husband, because, we are also building a relationship all the time. Impossible to get a real good overwiew.

I guess I am being a bit dramatic about it all (yes, that´s me too), sometimes it just seems like it is impossible to do life. Like there is too much of it to do it. And then I know: That is part of the game here, for all of us. Try to find some balance. Find the space to prioritise. But more importantly, choose for a while to just be, to laugh, to see the world around me. Because from that state I am much closer to myself and only then I know what the importance is. I am right here. And that is the only point I can operate from, ever.

So, let this weired and wonderful life grow, I´m in!  Even with all the mistakes and bumps on the road it involves being a human. I´m in, yes I am.

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