30 x 40 cm Art Print – CHOOSE ANY IMAGE


Didn´t find the image you were looking for? With this item, you can choose among any favorite Lise Meijer images.

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Maybe could not find your favorite image in the shop? No problem, this is exactly what this product is for.

HOW TO ORDER: Add the quantity you want of this item to the basket and write the title / titles of the image(s) you want in a note when paying. If you want two of the same image, write that.

Get inspired among all the original images HERE and choose exactly the images you want – there are MANY! Use the titles you see there on the website, then I know exactly which image you mean.

It will be printed to the edge of the paper, unless otherwise agreed. The colors in the print are deep and vibrant. Printed on thick photo paper.

I will make the print for you in approx. same format as the original, unless you specifically request otherwise. If the original is horizontally oriented, it will also be printed, and if the original is vertical, this will also be printed. That way you get the most out of the original motif.

The size of the print is 30 x 40 cm (app. 12 x 16 in).

NB: you can see all original paintings HERE.

Do not hesitate to contact me for questions or purchase of originals.


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