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Mixed media start kit and demo video

kr. 199,50


1 canvas, 24 x 30 cm (61 x 76 in)

14 pieces of deco paper & vintage wallpaper

250 ml. lacuer glue

1 foam brush

Tutorial with images

10 minute demo video (with english subtitles) where I show you how to paint with paper!

Here is a video preview (without subtitles, but in the real video you can choose english subtitles!): Mixed media – paint with paper

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Have you been dreaming about painting your own mixed media painting? With this kit, you have everything you need to paint a painting using only paper and laquer glue. Well, almost everything. You will also need one wonderful undisturbed hour. And only YOU can give that to you!

But don´t wait for the perfect hour, just simply dive into it – perhaps instead of watching TV tonight or on a Sunday morning when everyone else is asleep.

And don´t expect a certain result. Just allow yourself to glue those papers on that canvas. And see where it leads. Later, I can teach you how to build more layers into the image using acrylic paints and different techniques, but right now, WE WILL PAINT WITH PAPER!

The most important advice I can give you is this: do not wait until you are in the right mood or you have a vacation. Just get started NOW!

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