Angel of Blessings – 21 x 30 cm kunstprint


Signed art print. The print measures 21 x 30 cm. (A4) and is a copy of the original painting of the same name. The colors appear fine and deep and is printed to the edge.

The original painting is made with mixed media techniques, and in this print you can see how layers of paper mix with semi or fully transparent colors. The finer details are created with molotow pen or a pencil.

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You are blessed!

We all are. Blessed with Life and the ability to experience, love, and do our work here on earth.

However, in the midst of the current of Life, it is not always we can feel that.

Count WHAT ALREADY IS, often.
(And don´t count what is not as often.)

Count your blessings, like when you exercise a muscle you haven´t used for a long time: A little bit every day makes a difference.

Your breakfast counts, and your pillow, a bird on your walk, and the heat in your house. A good cup of coffee or tea. A hug. All the little things count.

And once you have practiced counting the little blessings, you will be able to notice the great ones: that you are alive. Able to love, give, receive, feel pain and joy. That you can forgive. And be forgiven. That there are things, people, circumstances that look after you. You will feel  the blessing of everything you have been given and all you are able to give.

The print fits perfectly in a 21 x 30 cm frame – or in matted, a larger frame. It is printed on an Epson printer on high quality photo paper, adding fine durable depth to the colors.

We pack your print secure and with creativity and send it in cardboard envelope or roll, so it will arrive safely.

NB: Didn´t find the image you were looking for? You can choose the item called CHOOSE YOUR OWN IMAGE – and thus choose from all the Lise Meijer designs available.

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