Your true colors – 30 x 40 cm artprint


Art print. The print measures 30 x 40 cm (11,8 x 15,7in) and is a copy of the original painting with the same name. The colours are deep and luscious and is printed to the edge of the paper.

The original was created using different acrylic techniques, and in the print you can sense how paper mix with the acrylic colors and finer details, created with molotow pens or cool.

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I sense who you really are when the goldenness of maturity shines through your leaves with the light of truth. I see all which was always inside you, outside. The wise. The raw. That which is afraid of dying. That which knows that love never dies. The brutal honesty, like the words you dare to say when you nothing to lose, but everything to win. In your autumn, I see that in you, I know I can trust. I see the things you have built inside you, a wealth that nobody can steal. Qualities that live because you have won each and every one through the pain and joy of your life. I love you, because you are yourself with all your colors.

– Lise Meijer

The colours of this  print are deep and alive. Every print is signed by the artist at the bottom. Printed on en Epson printer on thick,  high quality paper. There is a white edge around the image, which is a copy of the original painting.

The size of the print is A3 (30x42cm) and fits well in a 30×40 cm frame.

I’ll wrap your print with care and creativity and ship it in a cardboard envelope or a roll, so it will arrive safe in your home.

Note: You can see all original paintings HERE. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or purchase of originals.


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