Surrounded by helpers


(The goldship is made from paper, covered with pure gold leaf. I got it from a visionary artist friendLiza Krügermeier. Attached was the little note that reads: “Inspiration for all the ships you are going to be launching”. Totally melted my artist-heart!)

I feel surrounded by helpers in many forms these days. And I am so grateful for that. It helps me literally keep faith in my vision during a time that seems to hold a lot of tests. The kind of tests that inevitably comes when we begin to act in the world in a new way, winning new territory. Starting my own business based on the joy of creating and passion for life definitely means winning new territory.

Lise Meijer profil (14 of 21)

(From a recent photo-shoot with the incredibly talented photographer Justine Hoegh, taken on the danish island Bornholm.)

It is as if this year has been a vacuuming process of my inner household. A crowd of little gremlins come out each time I turn on the vacuum cleaner, looking astonished at the housecleaning going on. They usually search for a new dirty corner to settle in before giving up and quietly leaving the establishment. And this cleaning seems unstoppable; when one room is done and the sticky residents has left their nest in the corner, the alarm bells goes again in the next room of my inner house: if you want to use this space to create something true and beautiful, there are a few uninvited ancient sticky guests that need to be shown the way out, lovingly but firmly.

On my easel and life

(A picture of a full, evolving life: Paintings on the easel, boxes full of cards to be packed and suitcase for travelling the country, selling the cards. In the background on the door: my visionmap 2013)

Deep exhaustion  from the process that apparently includes everything from economic tests to, well,  personal imbalances, coexist with an emerging deep faith. A belief that wonderful things can and will happen. A belief that everything that I deeply want in life is not only possible, but has long been on the drawing board. And that I at this very moment am laying the foundation for those things with my housecleaning, and with my growing deep wonderful-possibilities-faith. And every now and then, a helper comes around, sometimes in the form of a person I barely know, other times as my own dear husband, who recently decided to give me weekly help with administration! Those helpers all seem to bring the same message: just keep up the work, believe and be genlte with yourself whilst you proceeed….you are on the right track. I am so, so grateful for eacj encouraging whispers, in whatever form it comes along!


(Rune – my husband – during the building of the house we now live in)

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