Circus of Balance

Circus of Balance

(New painting, “Circus of Balance”, more details here. To purchase, contact me)

I am guessing you know this circus? I am actually quite certain that any living person on this planet knows the task of constant balancing this whole thing called life.

If you are the slightest like me, you have probably tried feeling stressed about things that are supposed to be joyful happenings. Like being invited to someones birthday? Or having to be present at your childs theatre play?  Or a friend knocking on your door? Or, and this is a tricky one: having to create your dream-life right here and now when all you feel is worn-out and short of time?

I know life offers so many beautiful opportunities. But I am not always able to see them as that. Mostly because I didn´t prioritize my pauses. Moments of connecting back to what it is that I truly care for. Moments of quiet time just for me. The right to say NO, so that next time I may have the energy to say YES, with an honest and happy heart. The right to get enough sleep. Basically, the art of balancing it all so that all the lifes inside us get their different kinds of food and stay calm and happy.

Lise Meijer profil (11 of 21)( Me, keeping my balance on a tree trunk on Bornholm!)

I guess it´s like a dance really. Life doesn´t seem to want us to stay still in one place. It looks like we are requested to keep flexible and moving all the time, whilst maintaining and nurturing that quiet steady place we each have inside. So that we can move it along with us, in the dance. The place where our true values lives. Where stress and comparison doesn´t exist. Where we are enough, just as we are. Whilst we keep on moving through this landscape of opportunities of growth and joy.

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