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In the speech TO LIGHT A LIGHT, Lise talks about the journey from carrying a longing and some barely audible dreams of going for what makes the heart sing and finally finding the courage to take the first steps.

We hear about her detective journey towards finding out WHAT she burned for and HOW IT could be realized in the first place. And about how she discovered a completely different and much more wonderful dream than the one she saw just when the journey began.

Lise calls on all of us to listen to the dreams we carry in our hearts. And not let them be crushed before they even see the light of day: “Your dreams are here to bring joy and light into the world, and your biggest task is to find the courage to take the first steps,” Lise says.

Listen to Lise’s speech and be inspired – and who knows, maybe even filled with power to take action towards your own steps on the journey in the direction of your dreams.

Along the way, Lise performs her own songs accompanied by guitar. As part of the speech, participants are also invited to participate in a creative exercise, designed to increase creativity in the daily life.

The speech may vary in length – in the above version it lasts approx. 1.5 hours excl pause.

Contact Lise to arrange time and price: 40547946 / [email protected]

Below you can see a short video of my song “I saw your angels”, recorded during the speech TO LIGHT A LIGHT in Paradehuset –  the orangery at Gisselfeld in Denmark, autumn 2016 – Video: Lise Zacho
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