(“Dancing with life”, mixed media on canvas)

I want to share a sweet experience that came to me  on a walk through the field a few months ago:

I am walking quickly through the high summer grass on my way down to the stream to call the children home. For weeks I have been working intensely to get my first webshop ever ready for selling my cards and posters.

It has been like waiting to give birth – heavvy, almost unbearable here towards the end. Like bubbling joy, turning into impatience and then into doubt if this child will ever be born at all.

Still walking, I speed up to half-running pace my eyes on the path where I see how it moves and transforms under my feet as I run. And then at once I am inside the sweetest bubble of a vision. I see how finely wrapped cards and posters are flying easily and safely from the area on the grass filled ground around me, up into the air – and like magnets they are drawn to their destinations….and they land softly and safely in caring homes all over the world. The whole thing happens very fast, but without any sense of rush.

(“Collecting thoughts” one of my favourite motives by the artist Fran Evans)

Immediately after this, still half running, I see my paintings. They are also drawn out to their recievers, a little slower though, as if it takes stronger magnets to attract them. There is a graceful charm and dignity in the way they move, and a deep happiness when they find a matching reciever.

The whole thing is like at dance unfolding right there, under my running feet and in front of my eyes as the high grass is passing by.

Then I reach the stream and the children and the next task in life. But with me I now carry a certainty that the right elements will always find each other in the dance of life. And that as long as I listen to that inner voice and do what I love doing, then what I do will find a place and function in the world. Attracted by the right places and people like giant magnets in the joy of recognition.

(Dressed up envelope, heading out from my shop into the world)

That day, I thanked the muse who was kind enough to slip this vision into that small crack of consciousness under my running feet, helping me remember that all I can do is my best. And then the rest will be reveiled as life unfolds. Just like you can decide to invite pregnancy but you don´t know if you will become pregnant or how your child will be until it´s there. And that´s part of the beauty of this weired and wonderful dance called living.

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