I once heard a story. Two people talked at night under the stars. One told the other that the stars once spoke to humans. They would sing their strong and deep messages and those who had ears could hear it during the night when it was quiet. The other person asked why he couldn´t hear them now. And the first answered that the stars had been quiet for years. “Now they are waiting for our reply” he said.

(Answering stars, part of painting in progress)

That story stirred something in the young person I was then. It is up to us now, to answer the stars. I liked that. It held a mystery and an importance of what we humans do with our time here. Still does. I can´t recall the title of the book. Asked many people without finding any clue. But the story lives on in me today, now also in a painting.

I hope the stars will recieve some light back from us, even if it is in a tiny scale. They are doing such a great job out there, reminding us night after night of the bigger picture and interconnection of everything.

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