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TALKING WITH TREES – a journey in mixed media and creativity

august 9, 2019 @ 9:30 am - august 11, 2019 @ 4:30 pm


August 9 – 11 9.30 AM – 4.30 PM in the village project Åbakkehuse, Mern, Denmark

NEWS: Saturday night at 8 PM there will be a mini concert with some of Lises own songs and short stories. This evening we will enjoy a common dinner – each contribute with a simple dish, and after dinner you can lean back and enjoy some soulful songs and stories. After this, the house will be open for further cosiness or party for as long as we like.

Please note: It is possible to arrange a place to sleep, – contact Lise for more details.

About the workshop:

Right behind the obvious, the ourspoken and well known, a stream is.running The stream of your creativity. It is the same stream that causes the trees to grow and the cells in your body to renew. The source of everything’s origin, the very power of creation.

We all have that power inside us, without exception. You do too. But we can’t always feel it because the world is noisy.

Put your hand on a tree. And listen. Or sit down with a notebook in your lap while letting your hand carry the pen and tell what is moving in you, right now. Without filter. Or stretch yourself with quiet, guided movements to welcome the day.

During the workshop TALKING WITH TREES we listen deep and take things easy. Become quiet and dive under the obvious, so we can feel the source. It is not difficult at all. We just have to remember to do it.

We create beautiful backgrounds of patterned paper and running colors, and then sketch and paint images from nature so that they light up with their own soul life.

During these 3 days your inner well will be filled with sparks that open your creative flow like writing exercises and movement, and EVERYBODY can participate – beginners as well as advanced painters.

Price: 3200 DKK (around 429 EURO)

REGISTER HERE– or contact me to arrange payment in 3 installments – or via Pay pal (I will send you a link to pay through, it is super easy and anyone can use Pay pal in this way.)

Included in the price are coffee, tea, snacks and lunch, as well as Laquer glue and a limited selection of liquid acrylic colors (Golden fluid) as well as ‘1/2 hour mini concert on Saturday.

You bring (Or arrange for me to purchase for you):  3 canvases (around 40 x 50 cm or larger), paint brushes, good quality acrylic colors, sketch pad and soft pencil (5 B or softer). If you have: hairdryer and spray bottle. (If you want to order canvases and unlimited use of Lises materials, please order this at least 2 weeks in advance by sending an e-mail [email protected])

Note that registration is binding – Minimum 6 and max 12 participants

Teacher: Lise Meijer, performing artist and experienced supervisor in creativity

I am looking forward to diving into the creative force that always is waiting for us to take time to simply listen!

With love, Lise. – tel. (+45) 40547946 [email protected]




august 9, 2019 @ 9:30 am
august 11, 2019 @ 4:30 pm


Fælleshuset i Åbakkehuse
Under Egen 8
Mern, 4735 Danmark
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