Yesterday I was teaching a workshop called “Creative new years clearing”, a day full of exercises designed to say goodbye to last year and entering the new year with your visions and goals crisp-clear in your mind and heart. There was a group of wonderful, brave woman who had carved out time and investment to move into year 2012 more ready, closer to themselves and their innermost wishes.

The day involved dancing, movement, relaxation-exercise, a meditative vision-journey, writing exercises and creating your own vision-map. And that, the vision-map, is for me the number one strongest tool I know in helping attract what I truly want in life.  I am so grateful for having learned that tool years ago. It has helped me move closer to so many things I longed for, but thought I could never do or find. Here´s one I made a few years ago:

My vision here: Teaching workshops about  using creativity to create a more fulfilling everyday life. Now, a few years later, I have taught many workshops using all those tools I dreamed about, and it still feels so right, so fulfilling.

To me a visionmap is like a road map, put out in the open so that my visions can better find me. Did you ever think of that; there may be billions of visions out there, looking for direction, for a home. The vision-map shows the direction so the vision can find us. Our actions give them a home. Both is needed, the vision-map doesn´t do it all alone, but it plays such an important part, and I know it works.

Even on days where I have doubts (and they come to all of us, try to remember that when you feel alone and doubtful, absolutely everybody experiences doubts, especially when you set out to do something out of your own comfort-zone!) then the vision-map can sort of bypass the worst of it, because: I can clearly see my vision, it is hanging right there on my wall. And the vision knows where to find me.

PS: if you live near Roskilde/ Copenhagen, you may want to come by for the opening of my exhibition, coming tuesday. Would love to see you there!



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