“Match made in heaven: 50 x 60 centimeter, acrylic, paper + buttons on canvas

“Match made in heaven” I believe all great matches has some kind of connection beyond this place. And that when there is a right match (any match….could be people, animals or circumstances in life, or the right house), we know it by whispers in the ear, singing in the heart or a strange kind of tingling silence, and that is just how it is.

Often a great match is followed by a release of pure joy. As if we by the sheer knowing and feeling that something is inexplainably right meet a small part of heaven.And then comes the work, because, let´s face it, here on earth we allways get to work, to learn, to experience. It clearly seems to be part of the deal. And perhaps by willingly doing the best we can we can win small gems of wisdom that we may carry with us in our heart and spirit when one day we leave this place.I like to think of matches that way: people or situations that has the potential to help us leave this place wiser and with capacity for more love in our heart.
Above: some of my matches in life, my husband Rune, daughter Celeste and son Vincent, 9 and 6. Certainly not always easy to find a daily balance with 4 so different individuals but so much joy and learnings come from knowing and being intimate connected with these 3!

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