Creative Vitamins – (fysisk bog på Engelsk)

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Fysisk bog på engelsk med motiver og tekster til dit hjerte, trykt i farver på akvarellignende papir i kraftig kvalitet.

Bogen er som et lille kunstværk du kan have stående eller liggende fremme til at minde dig om dagens eller ugens vitamin.

“Hjertelig tak for din bog: Kreative Vitaminer, som jeg modtog i sidste uge. Det var ren forkælelse at åbne så fin en pakke fra dig. Og bogen, teksterne og dine billeder går rent ind og åbner ting i mig, hvor døren længe har været lukket. Tusind tak, – Camilla.”

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The book CREATIVE VITAMINS is divided into four chapters: Creative Vitamins for COURAGE, LOVE, DREAMS AND WELL-BEING. Both lyrics and images poetically encourage you to listen inward, over and over again.

It is thoroughly illustrated on thick watercolor-like pages with spiral back, so you can display it standing or lying open as a small work of art showing the needed vitamin of the day or week.

Creativity shows us the way to see things with the heart. It can carry us to where solutions we can´t grasp with our thinking only lives. And above all, it helps us feel like co-creators of life. And that very feeling makes us as strong as if we had eaten 100 glasses full of powerful vitamins. We get color in the cheeks and feel life bubbling when our thoughts are supported by creativity.

I think the world needs Creative Vitamins just as much as those we buy in glasses. And who knows what will happen if we take a small dose every day.

– Lise Meijer – artist and creativity guide.

NB: The book is also available as an e-book. If you purchase that you may print out the whole thing for private use, or hang one of the beautiful pages as a wall decoration.


RELEASE DATE: 17.11.20
AUTHOR: Lise Meijer
PUBLISHER: Creative Vitamins
FORMAT: spiral back
HEIGHT: 24.5 cm (9,65 in)
WIDTH: 16.5 cm (6,5 in)

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