Dear you.

Right behind the obvious, the loud and familiar flows a source. The source of your creativity. It is the same source that causes the trees to grow and the cells to renew in your body. The source of everything’s origin, Creativity itself.

We have all that power inside, without exception. You too. We just don´t always notice it, because the world is loud.

Be quiet, dive under the immediate and listen carefully, and you can feel the source.

In the TALKING WITH TREES workshop we listen deeply and take things lightly. It’s not hard at all. We create beautiful backgrounds of patterned paper and dripping colors, and on those we draw and paint images from nature so they shine with their own soul-life.

All levels welcome – no prerequisites needed for participation, just the desire to paint and to listen to the soul of everything, both in a simple and straightforward way.

You can read more about the workshop and SIGN UP HERE

Max 12 participants

I’m looking forward to a wonderful late-summer weekend, full of magic and simplicity!

Love from Lise.

PS: Don´t wait too long to sign up if you know you want to join!

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