Sometimes I find that staying with a wonder, an unanswered question, can be almost painful. I am, as we all are, dipped in this culture of “having to have the right answars straight away and for gods sake move on and be busy”. One morning lately, I had a small wonder and for a change I was happy to stay with it. Of course my brain kept binging up the point that there was more important stuff to ponder, like the deeper meaning of creation and why we humans are here on this planet and stuff, but I told it (my brain) gently to shut up. I wasn´t on about the big questions that day. So we sat down together and I slid quietly out of the way, and a little poem landed just in front of me. I just had to pick it up and write it down. The whole process felt healing. No shakespeare, no big things, just me, the morning and a funny little poem:

I see it fresh, I see it new

I see the leaves are green with dew

I see a snail, it´s hanging on

I see that soon this day is gone

The sky is grey and blue and white

I wonder where I go in the night.


Thank you little poem, you cheered me up!

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