As most woman on this planet, I plan my days. Often full with tasks and activity. Work and jobs to do, home-tasks, time for nurturing creativity, time to see doctors and to do shopping. Time for family. For friends. Alone-time?! Time to keep track of the plan of all of this, which sometimes seems impossible. And all those plans seem highly important. And at one level they are. Those plans are part of what we set out to do, how we choose to live, it fells like nothing must come in the way of that.

Until something does. Something that wasn´t part of the plan. Big or small. A snowstorm. A computer break down. An ill child. Or even a huge life change like a loved one dying. Something that draws you out of that fast linear gear and forces you into the only gear that can handle that sudden change of setting: heart-gear.

From the Creative Quickie book

(It reads: “today I let go of pressure, today – I keep an eye, a talent scout looking for grace. Thanks for all that is beautyful and good, thanks for fights that help us mature, and especially thanks for the ability to experience both at the same time and learning to love it.)

I first read of the term heart-gear in this little sweet companion of a book in secret nr 2. Heart gear has the ability to percieve many levels of life at the same time. It is never linear, but can move at high speed and at the same time be completely calm. Heart gear is full of understanding and forgiveness, yet fierce and “no messing” in what is really important and needs attention now.

Heart gear is what happens when we realise that this life is a concert and we are not the only player in the orchestra. So we start listening,  and may even enjoy that oboe we thought was just slow and depressing at first. We start playing in a more attentive way. And see the beauty in that, just how it is right now, messy or not, it is life.

Creative Quickie: (“Be here right now. Be with what is”)

Today I was, again, tested in my heart-gear-ability when I had to cancel several really important plans to stay home with my ill child. And it took a while, but I started enjoying the oboe now. Oh, and that cello…that concert.
Creative quickie
(“Gently let go now, all is well. The small beautyful details always inspired me. I become happy when something glows with fairytale and goodness. How do you know if something is goodness? It has an aura of warmth, fineness, beauty, harmony. It tells a story that lights in the dark.”)

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