(Angel of harvest, mixed media on canvas, painting sold, print available by request)

The farmers are almost ready with harvesting in the field. Summer is coming to an end and it is time to open the door to autumn. I love the time we are approaching, but this year it seems especially sad to say goodbye to summer. As if I haven´t got quite enough of it.

Whenever I get the chance, I sit myself down in the lap of late summer right here on the edge of september, and enjoy one last moment of warmth and appreciation. Like two lovers who know time has come to separate, we sit there for a while and enjoy one last embrace. It is sad, but it is also joyful. All the love that was is being set free. What wasn´t said is told. Because there is no reason to fight, this is life. And there is something beyond time and place, and that is love. I can keep the warmth in my heart, always, we humans have that ability.The coming season also offers warmth and love, just of a different nature. And soon I will open the door to autumn. But just for now, I will linger a little longer and enjoy the last rays of summer. And see how the harvest is gathering itself as a certainty that there will always be enough. Enough summer. Enough light. Enough love. And angels that protect the real values we have harvested with care.

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