If you have not yet watched this video by this gifted woman, here is your chance, your artist-heart will love it and possibly feel healed by it:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpunQZ4cUyI&w=420&h=315]

Sometimes I wonder: will I ever reach the point where I can actually earn money from painting, singing, writing, dancing and teaching about creativity? And then I realise that this is exactly what I already do!

And in a way have done my whole life. Gradually moving from being a teacher  toward expressing my own art and style, plus learning how to share it with the world. And lately also creating and selling products and thinking out of the box like never before.

All the time it has been art that made my heart sing. Colors and melodies, words and dance. Never just one thing, I always wanted them all to be there, the paintings, the songs, the dance, the words. When I was a kid at 7, faithfully drawing one fairy drawing after another, it seemed too good to be true to live from creating a world of goodness.

(resent look of my morning pages journal, created with cut-outs from magazines)

And it took me years and years to acknowledge that what I created was fine just the way it was. That I did not have to create heavvy or intellectual art for it to have a place and value, that it was ok express art that holds the goodness of things in this world. Strange that I would ever doubt that! I guess we are all under the influence of a sometimes mad world, not knowing what is natural and true. And more than that, that goodness was, and is, most needed.

(New painting, “Sharing a moment”,  right now part of the autumn exhibition)

Now my belief has changed: I no longer think about what the world needs first, I think about what turns up in me as a natural and inspired urge. And I follow that, knowing that it is probably there for a reason, and that by witholding it I may hold back a needed piece of apuzzle in the world. And then, but only then I ask: who may benefit from this? And I am open to the answers that turn up, often surprising even me.

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