These days I find the simplest things work the best: Rest, sleep, (plenty of it), old episodes of “Friends” on dvd, going for a winter walk, listening to a loved piece of music or chatting with a friend.

What doesn´t seem to work is planning,  pushing or stretching my limits. I am sure there are things going on under the surface. I learned over the years to not worry too much when this happens. It is like something is saying to me: get out of the way girl, so a greater plan and wisdom may have a chance with you. So I try to go with it and embrace the fact that I don´t always know the next step. I just need to remember to keep walking, even at a slightly slower pace, and so I simply walk.

From the creative quickie book, the text reads:

Be still now.

Inside you is a chamber, a space

where there is always warmth and love.

After all, we all do the best we can

I do too.

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