I have this idea that things I share with the world have to be really good. Shining bright. Close to perfect. But sometimes, what we are not so fund of might offer a completely unexpected opening for someone else. Or it lights up the world for a stranger. Or teaches us a valuable lesson. So, I am trying to learn to let life flow, keeping my balance without too much editing. Surely there are things in my life I wouldn´t  repeat. But like a picture unfolding, it sometimes is through layers of mud  that the bright shining colours come out vibrant with essence in the end.

I loved taking Flora Bowley´s workshop in the Do What You Love Retreat in England this may. That´s not entirely true. During the workshop I was stressed, depressed, scared, giving up, feeling I could do better, fearing the mud and not trusting. But I was also hopeful, enjoying all the movement (yes, stretching and dancing was part of the painting workshop,  just the way I love it!) and writing exercises and working hard to give myself a chance to get out of the way so the picture could unfold in it´s own way, with my permission. But without too much of my interference.

Here, many weeks later, I really enjoy all the small learning’s from it. I have a warm laugh thinking of me struggling, coming out on the other side proud and new. And surprised at my own creation. That is how it should be: we create, and something more vibrant than we ever imagined unfolds in fromt of our eyes. Because something bigger than us is at play; the dance between human and creation. It was just the workshop I needed. Thanks to Flora for being brave and contageous in the ability to be bold and let go!

Mud! On the first day of Flora´s workshop
Enjoying myself utterly

Wonderful chaos on it´s way to become…

A painting!

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