Today I was creating with Celeste (our daughter) and Alma and Tolinde. They had been asking me to paint with them for a long time, and today was the day.

We didn´t finish the project, but we did it and they enjoyed it. They are all incredibly creative, loving to make stuff.

As young as they are, they also already fight a lot of self criticism and doubt, so we talked about that too, and how we sometimes think we know what a painting want, but we might be wrong. So it is important to listen and not criticise somthing that is not even born yet. Just watch it unfold. Practice, practice and a lot of patience. Patience! I could use a bag of that now and then!

We took up all the space in our small “cottage-room” in the caravan-home we live in until our house is finished. Luckily Rune, my husband, and Vincent, our youngest, were out of the house most of the day.

Above is Celeste, she is 8. She often creates on her own, diving into timelessness and inspiration for hours.

Alma, our lovely neighbour, she is 9

Tolinde, the other lovely girl from our neighbourhood, she is 7.

I made a background on canvas too, but when Celeste saw that I was going to paint she got a little nervous and asked: “Mom, your are not going to be like when you have a painting-day, are you? Hmmm. I take that as a reflection. I get incredibly cranky when I am disturbed during painting-time. To me creating is like meditation. And I think we all need some kind of meditative process in this weired and wonderfully busy time on earth. Today was for the girls.

Here is how far they got today. They all wanted to paint girls.  And they all added owls from a piece of gift-wrapping paper we had. But most importantly: They all found the courage to dive in, make a mess, paint over and keep going.

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