Small quotes can be like looking at a piece of the world through a very clear lens. I love how a quote can, in an instance, remind us what is really important. It cuts through all the fuss and goes straight to the bone. I need quotes, like food, and from time to time I pick one to accompany me a while on my way. Quotes help me stay focused in this full, overwhelming, beautyful, demanding world. Often they cause me to stand still and just listen for a while.

Here is one I cherish. I had it hanging in my bedroom for months:

Here is another I had in my heart for years. It inspired the painting below. The text is written in the womans dress. It says:

Den som finder sig selv, sin inderste vilje, sin plads, udløser glæde i himmelen og lys på jorden.

My attempt of  translation:

One who find herself, her innermost desire, her space, will release joy in heaven and light on earth.

I found this poem in one  af Margareta Melins books. She is a real gem with words, her lence is crystal clear when she manages to write about a christian life in a trustworthy, inspired and totally new and creative way. Thanks to Margareta for allowing that I use the poem!

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