Every year, for the last 4 years, I have designed a cristmas-greeting card for the Village-project we live in. So, this week I have been collecting inspiration for the card. I absolutely love this process. It is very intuitive, and the process reminds me of a lovely card I once got from a dear soul (thank you!). I kept it for years, it´s been up and down many walls, and you can see it below.

(Fran Evans, “Collecting thoughts”)

When I collect inspiration it is like I become that net and I fly in my mind and collect all kind of things, often semiconsciously. I kindly ask all of me to help catch whatever wants to be expressed in that card this year, or that painting that day. I might doodle, or suddenly remember some words, or I see an image inside of me, or just get a feeling or an idea of what is needed. And, most importantly, I write morningpages. And suddenly I know how to translate that need. It is sweet like a love-affair.

Did I do it? Not really. Was I part of it? Yes, absolutely. I managed to stay with a certain focus, and then get out of the way long enough for the “muse” to come whisper her wisdom, or, if you like, – for God and the rest of the universe to have a chance.

I love that process because, that Is how we humans connect, isn´t it? We have a specific project, and we want with all of us to see it succeed, and then, if we are  just a little in touch with ourselves (not too rushed or stressed), we stand in the shower and suddenly know how to speak to that person, how to search for a new job or how to solve that problem.

(Morning ritual: notebook and coffee. Done on days where possible, missed but not stressed about the rest of the days.)

Net-catches right now are these words: “Once the stars spoke to humans. Now they are waiting for our reply.” I know I heard these words once read up from a book when I was attending a youth-camp in sweeden at age 16 or so. I have tried to find the source  but didn´t succeed so far. Anyone knows?

And more word-inspiration is a well known danish song, “I sne står urt og busk i skjul”. Theese lines inspire me too:

Giv tid, og Livets træ bli´r grønt,

må frosten det end kue. Giv tid,

og hvad du drømte skønt,

du skal i sandhed skue.

(Give time, and tree of life turns green/ may frost it even cow/ give time, and what you dreamt so sweet/ you shall in truth now see. )

Now off to actual painting!

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