(New work: “Moving balance”, mixed media on canvas, 50 x 60 cm)

I feel a bit overwhelmed these days. So many things are happening right at the same time: We are a few days away from moving into the house we have been building. Rune will start in a new job tomorrow. And I am busy learning how to adjust to my business slowly growing. Making prints in new sizes, sending out boxes with cards and posters to new shops. Figuring out how to pack. Balancing finances. And all the time trying to see to the well being of the children, of me and Rune, and also just of me. Tempting to blame everyone and everything else since this is clearly too much for one person to handle in one week!

In all this I know that my most important responsibility is to keep my own balance. Like a mother putting on her own oxygen mask before helping her child. It´s my responsibility to take care of me.

But that doesn´t mean it´s all about me! About me handling MY portion,  squeezing to get MY load done. It´s about all of us doing the very best we can with what we have got. Alone when we must and together when we can. To light our light  and to look for the light in people around us when we can´t feel our own.

In the big picture I am just a little brick in the puzzle. I am also the only person responsible for handling the balances in my life. And that´s important.  Many small balanced lifes can make a BIG difference! And that´s why we could sometimes do everyone including ourselves a service by taking a walk or making a bath, or calling in ill to just sit and stare and nap or whatever it takes to regain a sense of balance. We have to decide to do that, it won´t likely happen on it´s own. The nature of To-do-lists is that they never end!  Sometimes we serve the world best by doing whatever it takes to add a little balance to the day. That way we can be a better version of ourselves.

So, the secret I am learning is: this life is not about YOU, it´s about what you DO with what you´ve got whilst you are here. And I truly believe that keeping good balance is important in that picture. Even when it means dropping some balls on the way!

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