Creative Quickie – når du IKKE har tid at være kreativ

Creative Quickie – når du IKKE har tid at være kreativ

Her er en lille gave til dig: Opskrift på hvordan du kan være kreativ når du har meget lidt tid til overs.

En Creative quickie er en lille øvelse jeg opfandt da jeg var nybagt mor til barn nr. 2, og barn nr. 1 samtidig led af voldsom børne eksem. Min tid og energi til at være kreativ blev med et drastisk skåret ned, men ideerne blev ved med at komme, og jeg blev meget frustreret over ikke at have mulighed for at handle på dem. Hvilket altsammen hverken hjalp mig eller mine børn. Måske er du selv i en situation i dit liv lige nu hvor energien og tiden til at være kreativ ikke er helt som du kunne ønske? Eller måske har du bare lyst til at lære en fin lille øvelse der kan få selv de mest stivnede kreative juicer til at flyde igen, stille og roligt?

Har du blot 5 -10 minutter, kan du selv lave en Creative Quickie som den du ser her. Det er en slags kreativitets medicin. Indtages i små doser, gerne dagligt. Modvirker frustration over nul tid og energi til at skabe, og åbner for inspiration og handlekraft.

Alt det kræver er: et ugeblad, et hvidt stykke papir, en limstift, en tusch, samt viljen til at risikere at være pinlig/ skør/ lidt for meget.

Her får du opskriften:

1. Bladr igennem et ugeblad eller hvad som helst med billeder i, som det er ok at klippe og rive i, og klip eller riv 1 – 3 billeder ud som af en eller anden grund taler til dig. Prøv at undlade at tænke over HVORFOR, bare riv dem ud!

2. Placer dem tilfældigt på et hvidt stykke papir med en limstift. Jeg bruger selv en notesbog uden linier, men du kan sagtens bare bruge et hvidt stykke papir.

3. Tag en dyb indånding, og skriv så hvilke som helst ord der lige kommer til dig. Det kan være et enkelt ord eller hele sætninger. Hvis du har lyst, så kan du også tegne lidt kruseduller/ former på siden. Du kan bruge alle slags skrive redskaber, men selv kan jeg bedst lide at bruge en permanent marker så jeg også kan skrive henover de blanke blade. Nyd friheden: ingen behøver se dette, det er kun for dig!

Det var det! På denne måde kan du skabe dine egne små ”drømme-bærer-sider” og vide at på blot 10 minutter har du både været kreativ OG holdt dine større kreative drømme i live indtil en dag du har mere uforstyrret tid og energi til at handle på dem.

Kærlig hilsen Lise.

PS: På sommer-male-workshoppen Talking with trees vil der være masser af små øvelser som denne. Det er muligt at leje rum til overnatning på stedet, og på den måde holde din egen lille kreative ferie. Læs mere HER

You are a true blessing (& NOT a burden)!

You are a true blessing (& NOT a burden)!

You are a blessing

“You are a blessing”, paper, pens & acrylics on canvas, 24 x 30 cm. – 1200 DKK/ 206 USD)

The words in this painting reads:

“You are a true blessing. With all your funny quirks & odd colors. You are NOT a burden! You are you……You are a life force, an honest party, a true story and a waterfall of inspiration & beaming smiles. You are a blessing, just as you are!”

One day I was sitting browsing some favorite music videos, and in then my eye caught something in the background of Ed Sheerans “The fault in our stars” video: a yellow stick-on-note on a creative note board with those handwritten words: ” you are NOT a burden”. It  only showed for a second or less in the video. But for some reason it moved me deeply. To tears actually. And I felt a deep, deep soul-relief.

Why? I know that many Creative people in this world sometimes feel as if they don´t fit in. I guess all humans feel that from time to time, but I think creative thinkers feel that more frequently.

In this part of the world we have been so, so trained in logic thinking and often so undernourished in our creativity. It takes a lot to stay true to our creativity in  a time like this. Our bubbling way of thinking may be perceived by others as funny, weird or even beautiful….but not always as clever or useful.

Many people feel they have been so “de-creativized” (YES, a new word!!!) that logic and common sense seem to rule the day rather than dreams and visions. In that picture creative thinkers may appear as slightly odd and non-practical or without the feet on the ground compared to people who are more logically inclined.

We may even feel as if we are a burden. To others. And to life itself. Just by being ourselves. With all our bubbles. But of course we are needed, too! Very much so. And of course we all need a bit of both logic sense and creativity to have well being and visions and a practically functioning  happy life.

Cheers to all our beautiful creative minds who sometimes say or do the oddest things! Our oddnesses makes every single one of us so special!

Xx Lise.

Thank you summer


Above: Rune, me, Vincent and Celeste. Celebrating our new trampoline one late summer evening, toasting in white wine and pear cider.

I want to take a moment to savor the moments of this summer. For me, this has been a full, busy one (a bit too much work to be honest) with so many learnings packed in almost every single day. Both in my business life and personal life. But it has also been an incredible warm summer, generous on sun and outdoor experiences, calling us to simply enjoy:


Celeste and Vincent (in the middle) and some good friends at the local market, enjoying some gigantic caramels – oh bliss!


Caramel heaven!!!


Found some time to create some smaller pieces which for me is a holiday in itself – I love that part of my job soooo much!!!

""Sail on/ Sejl videre" Acrylic and paper on canvas, 20 x 20 cm -(Sold)

“”Sail on/ Sejl videre” Acrylic and paper on canvas, 20 x 20 cm -(Sold)


A visit to Runes birth country, Holland, so fun to see my postcards in this beautiful shop in Groningen, thanks to our dear dutch friend Janita for making that happen!!!


Another Groningen shop filled with magic  colors and lamps


Happy to meet this fairytale house in the middle of nowhere just outside Lisse, Holland


Our dear friends, Paul and Janita. Janita and I met via facebook a while back and totally clicked without knowing that “our men” Paul and Rune were friends for many years already, in real life. Such a funny world we live in!


Our house got some much needed finishing touches this summer, like paint on the facade, and a house number brought home from Holland.  Especially Rune worked hard to make it come together. I love how it all turned out.


Tuesday markets in the charming town Stege, here in Denmark. Fun, but a LOT of work too. 5 tuesdays I did this, with a lot of help from Liza and Rupert who together own Lizas Gallery in Stege.


Cups!!! Yes, I finally gave in for an urge I had for a long time to create some cups with the “Coffee and flowers” image. They sold really fast, but will appear in my etsy shop as soon as I ordered more.


Me, Liza


Aaaah!!! Here I come! (Vincent)


A real barefoot summer…


Thank you, fresh fruit and sunshine!


And thank you, moments of understanding whilst writing morningpages in the sun


Finally, I found some time to make a creative day for the children. So worth the time investment. They really shine during creative processes.


Celeste in the foreground and her friend Alma.


Pink Pavillion created by Celeste, 11 yrs.

Thank you summer, and please stay a little while, I´d love another coffee or 10 with you in the Pink Pavillion of sunshine and vitamins!

Walking with Grace

“The more graceful you are able to walk, the more grace will be thrown on your path”

I found this sentence today that I had dotted down on a piece of paper weeks ago. It was followed by these words: “Joy in every single step”.

“Jump into Joy/Hop ind I glæden” 30x40 cm/11,8 x 15,7 in – 2800 kr./ 525 $

“Jump into Joy/Hop ind I glæden” 30×40 cm/11,8 x 15,7 in – 2800 kr./ 525 $

The funny thing is, I kind of think I wrote those words, that they came to me during my morning pages. But it was written a while ago I am not completely sure any more. Anyone recognize it? When I google it, all that comes up is advice on high heel walking!!! That wasn´t quite what I had in mind…. But that doesn´t matter, the words ring true to me and help me remember the importance of every single one of my steps today…..and every day. And that is what matters. A good reminder for me today. Most days actually.

To me, walking with Grace means walking through life with the intention to stay aware and bring more light into this place. In whatever way that is possible. And I don´t mean that in any high-flying or quick fix way at all. I see it as a very real life challenge, where what counts most is the small adjustments in attitude. Every day, in every possible step. Some days it may mean accepting my boundaries. Or giving up on things I firmly believed I had to do. And other days it means daring to go out there in the world and do my best to let my light shine, even if it makes me nervous or doubtful at first.  A beautiful challenge. I love this part of human life: That we are able to create something uplifting or healing by our small continuous acts of joy and awareness.

Sometimes we need other people to remind us of the importance of all those little things we do to lift human life and bring more light here. So, here´s a little note from me to you: Thank you, whoever you are, for whatever act you are able to put into this world today that will bring more light and joy and make you bounce with grace in your steps.

Xx Lise.


To a dear serving soul

Sharing a moment

(Sharing a moment: paper, acrylics and lace, available as print)

Of course I love you!

PAPER, you are the kindest, inspiring and very flexible friend. A true servant at heart and at the same time you have a way of glowing and owning your own beauty whether you are dressed up in fancy patterns, or worn and turned yellow from age. You are a beautiful soul in so many ways, connected to the planet through the growing trees you came from. Yes, I love you!


Here are some glimpses that tell the story of the two of us and why I fell in love….


Morning after morning you supported me when I wrote my morning pages and drank my coffee. Patiently you held my thoughts without judgement, good, bad, boring or bursting with inspiration. For that I am utterly grateful.

Coffee and flowers

(Coffee and flowers are also important, signed prints here)

When I re-found my courage to create art from the heart you played a big role. You offered so many great starts on the canvas with your wonderful patterns and colors. Your beauty gave me a kickstart, and off we went together. And that has been the biggest joy.

“Circus of Balance/ Cirkus balance", mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm. 2.900 kr.

(Circus of Balance, prints here)

And now we have entered a new level of connection: we are in business together!!!


Cards, prints, posters and calendars are created from you in thousands of copies.  I appreciate the production partnership with you so much, it is a truly exiting journey!


(Wall Calender 2014, now sold out, but we´ll make a new one next year, you and I….)

But don´t think for a moment that that makes me take you for granted.  Still, what I love the most, is sitting down just you and me, watching and feeling your beautiful structure with my hands whilst creating something new. You are a true creative servant.

Thank you

(Above: card from Paperchase, arrived from a dear friend in my mailbox one day)

Dear gentle, faithful Paper, thank you so much for being part of my life!

Love from Lise.


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Time for details

Time for details

(“Time for details” signed posters available HERE)

The last weeks I found myself absorbed in details. Sometimes the big picture doesn´t seem clear, or perhaps right now is not time to try to understand the full scope of why I am here,  what I am doing or where I am going. That´s how I feel at the moment. Instead I found myself utterly enjoying all kinds of details. I also discovered something, a discovery that came from taking up a new practice, I call it: “Daily Deliberate Gratitude”. 


(Celeste, me, Vincent and Rune on a forrest walk, aaaah!)

I heard many people speak warmly of practicing gratitude (I am sure you have too) but this is the first time in my life I took it up as a daily thing. Since the beginning of this year I have been doing my Daily Deliberate Gratitude, calling over 3 things I am grateful for every evening before going to sleep. Let me just join the chorus: it works wonders in so many fine ways!!!


(Freja, one of our 2 dear cats; they add a lot of well being to the whole family, and they seem happy with us too!)

So here is what I discovered: I saw how Details and Gratitude interconnect. 9 out of 10 times it was the details that caught my Gratitude-attention, rather than the big things. Small things like a tender hug from my son, the quiet time spent with one of our cats, the forgiveness in my husbands voice after a misunderstanding. The moment of letting myself shower in the returning sun and light. A helping hand at the right moment; being allowed to also be there at the right moment for someone else. The beauty of candles reflected on the shelf, creating a new picture on its own. A well brewed coffee.

Celeste pakker kort

(The kindest and very professional helping hands from Celeste)

I would recall 3 of those things every evening and what I discovered was this: By noticing and giving thanks for the small things I began sometimes waking up feeling grateful for EVERYTHING. A spontaneous grateful feeling throughout my body. I didn´t even notice that I did NOT feel this very often before, but I certainly noticed the difference. What a blessing to wake up feeling grateful!

Detalje knag køkken

(Detail from our kitchen, just love this towel rack from a local market)

detalje m maleri lys
(This little setup with a painting and 2 of my favorite candle holders puts a smile on my face; they somehow just fit!)

In sincere gratitude for all the details in life.

Xx Lise.

PS: If you love postcards with details (including the “Time for details” postcard), check out this pack below of 8 cards – totally cute if you frame them, or to give away for small joys!

Birds and nourishment

Pack of 8 cards available HERE, worldwide shipping with care and joy!

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