Butterflies – wishing you a beautiful transforming 2014!

"Butterfly friends" mixed media on deep edge canvas, 60 x 60 cm, 4.800 kr.

“Butterfly friends” mixed media on deep edge canvas, 60 x 60 cm, 4.800 kr.

May 2014 be a year where we find peace to cocoon with things fine and important so that we can fly, when ready, and inspire ourselves and each other to live a life centered and connected in things of real value. May 2014 be a year where we meet “butterfly friends” who help us transform to the ones we are when we shine with our true light and speak with our honest voice. May 2014 spin its silky thread for protection and help us celebrate many true transformations. That is my butterfly-wish, today!


The Creative quickie above reads:

“They transform

We transform

Everything here is changing all the time

At night while I sleep the harvest of my day is being transformed

In my waking hours, I co-transform

I love this life

This task

This gift”

(page from Creative Quickie-journal, see more here:https://lisemeijer.dk/2011/09/21/creative-quickies/ )

Circus of Balance

Circus of Balance

(New painting, “Circus of Balance”, more details here. To purchase, contact me)

I am guessing you know this circus? I am actually quite certain that any living person on this planet knows the task of constant balancing this whole thing called life.

If you are the slightest like me, you have probably tried feeling stressed about things that are supposed to be joyful happenings. Like being invited to someones birthday? Or having to be present at your childs theatre play?  Or a friend knocking on your door? Or, and this is a tricky one: having to create your dream-life right here and now when all you feel is worn-out and short of time?

I know life offers so many beautiful opportunities. But I am not always able to see them as that. Mostly because I didn´t prioritize my pauses. Moments of connecting back to what it is that I truly care for. Moments of quiet time just for me. The right to say NO, so that next time I may have the energy to say YES, with an honest and happy heart. The right to get enough sleep. Basically, the art of balancing it all so that all the lifes inside us get their different kinds of food and stay calm and happy.

Lise Meijer profil (11 of 21)( Me, keeping my balance on a tree trunk on Bornholm!)

I guess it´s like a dance really. Life doesn´t seem to want us to stay still in one place. It looks like we are requested to keep flexible and moving all the time, whilst maintaining and nurturing that quiet steady place we each have inside. So that we can move it along with us, in the dance. The place where our true values lives. Where stress and comparison doesn´t exist. Where we are enough, just as we are. Whilst we keep on moving through this landscape of opportunities of growth and joy.

Introducing: Mrs Bathtub!!!

She welcomes you with candle light and scented lavender oil. She helps you relax. She will caress you and take you in, and allow you to stay as long as you want. She is a delight. She is not big, but she is ours and she is perfect!


We finally, finally got our bathtub! I feel entitled to say: I got MY bathtub! I have had it on my wish list since I last lived with one, and that is soooo long ago. I was in my twenties and studying. Living in a shared apartment in Copenhagen with other young people. And we had a bathtop – and I promised myself that a bathtub should definately be part of my life, also after I moved from that place. But for some reason I didn´t manage to give it first priority until now. There are some things in life that makes us feel really, really good in body and mind, and for me, taking a bath is one of them.


 I often get my best ideas here. A bath makes it easy for to leave the state of being concerned with practicalities. It helps me connect to another more meditative state where creativity is a dance with beautiful ideas coming from outside of this planet.

Slow down

“Slow down” Original painting for sale, details here. Also avalable as a print (on sale rignt now!) here.

In all the years between then and now I did take baths, though, and I will pass on the secret on how in case you also love baths but don´t live with one now: I simply bought the biggest plastic-childrens-bathtub I could find on the market, and squeezed myself into that, using wet towels and a watercan to cover the parts that didn´t fit in. It worked fine, I definately recommend it as a plan B solution!


Still I am utterly thankful that we now have a real one in our home. She will be used again and again…..

Giveaway winners!

This is exiting. I am sitting down right now, before using the random calculator to pick 5 winners for the Giveaway. Sending a simply prayer out: “I wish that the prizes that are soon about to fly out in the world may bring joy or settlement to just the right 5 people. Someone for one reason or the other really need that kind of treat right now.”

Window and bird

We all need and deserve treats, simply because we are humans. And it can be tough to be in this life-business. Plus treats makes us feel cherished. And when we feel cherished we are more likely to cherish life, and also each other. I hope that anyone who doesn´t win will find other ways to give themselves a treat. Like going for a walk, watching a special movie or…my favorite: taking a bath.

Thank you tremendously for all your kind comments here. Reading them has been moving, uplifting, entertaining and a wonderful treat for me. Truly.

This has been so much fun!


Ellen Luppens – Heidi Beckmann – Natasha Le Grange –  Birthe R. Nygaard – Helle Kitty Sjørslev.


I´ll contact you directly via e-mail with further details. BUT, if you don´t hear from me, I might not have your correct e-mail address. In that case, please contact me on: [email protected]


Xx Lise.

PS: Below is some new A4 prints, soon to be found in my webshop:

"Time for details/Tid til detaljer", mixed media on canvas, 18 x 24 cm

“Time for details/Tid til detaljer”, mixed media on canvas, 18 x 24 cm

"Nourish your seeds/Giv dine frø næring", mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm

“Nourish your seeds/Giv dine frø næring”, mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm

"Imagine/Forestil dig", mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm

“Imagine/Forestil dig”, mixed media on canvas, 25 x 30 cm

"Heart to heart/Hjerte mod hjerte", mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm (Sold)

“Heart to heart/Hjerte mod hjerte”, mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm (Sold)

"Blessed with patience/Velsignet med tålmodignhed" mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

“Blessed with patience/Velsignet med tålmodignhed” mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

The nr. 101 post…and a Giveaway!!!

This is my nr. 101 blog-post. So, so much has happened since my first post. Shy as I was about blogging, I didn´t even dare to write that it was my first post!!! That was in july 2011, 5 months after I began painting again. 101 definitely calls for a celebration! So, a bit like 1001 nights fairytales, I decided to make a 101 blogpost give-away, and here it comes….


Those who win can choose between the two prizes below:

Prize A: two A4 prints (yes, two prints per person, signed by me and ready to frame), or….

Prize B: 4 Big double postcards (can be used as luxury cards or small prints).

So, keep on reading or skip impatiently to the bottom of this post for the details about how to enter the giveaway (I don´t mind at all!!!).

20 cards

(Above is a selection of 20 different A5 big double cards. The winners may choose any 4 of those if they go for the postcards)

Here´s more words for those who like a small story:

Since february 2011 I have been on a journey that has been incredibly joy-filled. I have written a bit about it here and here. It has involved beginning to paint again after 15 + years, selling and exhibiting my work, producing a line of postcards and posters, opening a web-shop, and beginning writing this blog. But more than anything, it has involved so many heart-warming meetings, often with people I have never met before. Kind people who reached out either here on the blog or amongst my dear FB friends (you are welcome too, just send me a friend-request). I have enjoyed the openess and kindness to the fullest!!!

Ready to send

(Prints and cards from the webshop ready to be sent by mail to kind people all over the world)

People I didn´t know before has offered to be volunteer-agents for selling the cards and posters in their city, building new contacts with shops in different countries. I know it´s been the kind of bliss that often follows anything new-born on this planet, like kittens or toddlers that seem to have protectors coming from out of the blue, rescuing them from dangers they had no idea existed.

I could not have gone this alone. I needed help to be able to find my way through so much new territory, and to carry on. I believe we all need help from time to time, and that our actions, however small at first, are our calling for the kind of help we need to be able to fulfil a certain job. We just have to be willing to take the first step, the first small action, even if that is simply asking someone for help.

So, dear you, whoever you are: I am so glad you are here!

Lise Meijer profil (15 of 21)

(Me, dancing on the beach of Bornholm, an island here in Denmark. Photo by Justine Hoegh)


To enter, you simply post one comment in the comment-field below. It could be a few words about something you are truly inspired about, or which images you would like in case you win, or whatever is in your heart today. It doesn´t have to be long, a line or two will do. That´s it, you are in the game! Oh no, one more thing: Please add your e-mail in the section when signing in for comments, that way I can reach you if you win!

I will choose the 5 winners (randomly) on sunday the 30th of june. The winners will get an e-mail with further details.

Oh, and I would love it if you would share this post with your friends on FB or twitter. That way, they get a chance to win too. Thank you, and wishing you luck!

Slow down…invite PASSION to join the journey!

Slow down

 “Slow down – let passion find you”, print available HERE.

When I want more passion in life, I know I´ll have to take the time to do things that are inviting for passion. And like a small child, passion will try to escape if I try to order it to play at a certain time and way. I may be looking for passion in life in general, in my worklife, in my friend-life or love-life. Passion needs to be courted, invited, tempted to come play. And one of the best ways I have found to invite passion is to slow down and let passion get a chance to find me….by doing something it can recognize, something simple that I love – perhaps going for a walk, bringing home spring branches to pop or taking a bath!


As part of inviting creative inspiration into my life, I make “Creative quickie” pages in a journal I keep just for that. The idea is to make something quick and fun, that doesn´t have to BE  “anything”. I often end up loving these pages a lot, simply because no pressure were involved, only play!

The one above reads: “Slow down so that passion can join the train, and together you may go on a journey that will take you much further than if you travelled alone. Let passion join the journey!”

Yes, let´s allow passion to join the journey today by slowing down and doing one simple thing we love doing! I would love to know what your favourite slowing down activity is…..please!?

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