I recently had trouble finding a lower gear, so I decided to give myself “Pocket-Time”. I dove  into a pocket of relaxation and no pressure. With a bath and enough sleep. With time for pilates and reading. And for a looong breakfast with my journal and latte on the couch.

As often before, it turned out to be a pocket with doors. Doors that open up to clear thinking, wellbeing and to enjoying small and simple things. Doors that open up to an intelligence much greater than me. This may not be easy, but it is simple: to show up in the pocket and stay a while.

Refreshing doors:

  • Seeing the obvious and utter importance of a walk in the countryside in the glorious autumn weather.
  • Laughing like a teenager with my son at 5, when he fondly remarked that I am a very slim mother (he used to call me giga-fat and I had kindly asked him not to), but that I definately have a huuuuuuge bump on my slim stomach!
  • My first real run since I gave birth (more than 8 years!)
  • The joy of sitting and being with life for a while, just the two of us.
  • Noticing how notebook wisdom is sometimes worth more than hours of hard work.
Above: glimpse from the Creative quickie book. It reads:
“If you wish to help a plant grow,  it won´t  help to pull in it. Instead, find out how you nourish its own growing power!”

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