Everybody needs water

I would love to share a poem with you, written by a special lady:

The Bag of Grace

a few minutes spent
wondering about
how to receive and to give,
to apply grace
within and without..

I’d like to choose to put my hand
within the bag,
pulling out loads, heaps,
holding as much grace as can be held
to be given freely, gently, kindly
to others.

Perhaps I should try
to put both of my hands in,
two hold more than one….
even better…
I could get into the bag
and let grace cover me….
allowing time for it to enter
spread through my being
and then
I’ll come out shining,
willing to listen,
to help,

(Heather Jephcott)

 I first saw Heathers poems via a friend on facebook, and I remember sitting very still, just taking it in. To me, the balance between care and joy and juicy poetry is so soul-lifting it makes me want to dance. Or take a bath. Or just sit and be with it.

You can meet Heather on facebook where she regularly shares her musings. She also shares her poetry on her blog Open Hearts Quiet Streams. I think her poems derserves to be seen by many. We all need things that lift us up and induces joy, care and understanding, so that we may have it to give to others.

Big thanks to Heather for generously sharing her inspiration and poetry!

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