That the image “It is all connected” is showed on an entire page as an illustration for a touching poem by Inger Schiøtt
in the latest issue of New Aspect, makes me both happy and honored.

But that all employees from New Aspect AND Cosmos Center came by and handed the magazine in person – that is pure magic!!!

They had asked if I wanted to lay house, songs and story to an experience for the staff team, and I said YES!. And I’m so glad I did: Beautiful, humorous and warm-hearted, passionate people filled our living room and my studio. Laughter and attentive listening. Appreciation of what really matters.

Thank you life, for this experience. And thank you New Aspect and all dear employees, for bringing both beautiful magazine and your special energy.

In case you want to become a subscriber to New Aspect (in Danish), there is an offer right now where you get 4 numbers for only 100 DKK. (Save 275 DKK, hello!). Find the offer on their website. Super exciting and well-founded magazine on topics related to your body, mind and spirituality.

Cheers to the magic circles of life.

Love from Lise.

Photographer: Claudia Ziehm

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