Last week I did something that is not like me. I signed up for Art Every Day Month, aiming to create a small or big something every day in november.

I have done so many of those “not like me´s” since february where I began painting again on a regular basis. For a long time I have created a little something almost every day, but it has mainly been my own little secret mission. The “not like me” thing is to join a shared mission, and I am already inspired.

I love that, to be able to surprise myself, moving my “one day…”´s  till “today!”

So far november has been very busy creatively, with painting! During the first 4 days of this cold, dark, cosy month, I finished 3 paintings.  Below I show one that I really love, because it reminds me that there is always time. My time, your time, our time. Time to choose. Time for beauty, for art, for being present, for love. I finished it last night, varnished it today, and packed it in my car together with 23 other pictures for an exhibition in Adventskirken in Copenhagen.

“Our time” Mixed media on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

I hung it all up together with wonderful Lene, who turned out to have a really good eye for pictures, (I already knew she is a wizard with words) and with some more help from people from the great staff  there. Adventskirken is a beautyful and modern church, both in soul and building, and it makes a perfect gallery with it´s large, spacious and white walls and big high windows. Happy.

November creativity first 4 days:

Day 1: celebrated the first dig for our new house…created a heart-warming hot drink we call glogg, and drank it in candle-and starlight next to the dig together with all our neighbours

Day 2: painted

Day 3: painted

Day 4: Put up my exhibition

It has been so full days, but it really was the last rattle after weeks work leading up to the exhibition.

Now comes the time for new inspiration, small dots and everyday-gems. Equally important, big and small steps.

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