There are many who have skills in bucketloads, but we don´t all  know how to get our dreams born into the real world. That ability has not come free to me. I have needed a lot of helpers. We probably all do, for different things in life.

When I think of my creative midwives I am moved. It’s all you dear people who over the years have asked me about creative services. Whether I wanted to illustrate something, make a card, a poster, an invitation, a decoration, teach a choir, sing a song, do a children’s concert, in short, do what I did best with my abilities. By asking you showed that you believed in me, and if I agreed to take the job I comitted myself to finish something. To send it out into the world. To not remain in the idea about what it could become, maybe, once when I was”discovered” or ready. Without you I wouldn’t have come this far.

I will think about that next time I ask someone for help, it might not be a burden for them, it could also be exactly the incentive needed to make them flourish with their abilities.

A sweet lady from my sons kindergarten recently asked me if I would make this poster for the public harvest market. Loved that job!

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