Slow down…..

Lower the pace so passion can get on the train.

Together you two may go on a trip that will bring you much further than if you went alone.

Let passion join the journey!

(From creative quickie-book above)

Without passion, I don´t feel the joy of life, and I get the symptoms we all know, like a bit of stress or depression, to mention a few well known states. I don´t think anyone living in this time hasn´t felt at least one of these two states. I know that when I am too pressed with things to do in my life, I can´t feel passion! For me, it takes that state of childish getting a bit lost to feel passion. and that takes slowing down.

(Time to nurture)

I took the day off today to spend a pre-holiday-day with my children. They had begged for it, said they needed a day home with mom. It turned out, I needed it just as much.

It took a while to let go of my to-do-list and enter the to-be-state. Sleeping in and baking buns helped. Walking together to the nearby shop to buy icecream helped. Running the last bit because it began raining and laughing about getting wet helped. Creating with paint side by side with Celeste helped too. But mostly this: we had the whole day, and no specific plans. And I had many moments of just being aware of the awesomeness of  the children, the day, the smells, the tastes and the sky. Oh, so good.

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