In the small village where I live we opened up our doors and invited our neighbours and friends for a cosy afternoon with artsy stuff for sale. And lots of cakes and coffee. Later Birgitte, my neighbour and I gave a small improvised concert in her house. She played songs from her new CD release and I played some of mine. We ended with a longing sweedish song where everyone joined into what felt like a soothing, setteling chorus. The best audience ever: Kind, warm, relaxed and totally supportive. I so much enjoyed the light improvised style of that; it made me feel a little irish exept for the drinks. After all the rain this summer I still long for some sun in my soul and on my skin, but this day really warmed my heart deeply.


Young and old together – at least as long as there were cake….

Browsing art and printed cards

The almost irish concert, Birgitte at the piano
Me and my guitar
Bunfire, and now we did have drinks!

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