Being fabulous

The stream

(“The Stream”, acrylic on canvas. Original sold, print available by request)

I was thinking about the word fabulous this morning. I guess I didn´t feel so fabulous right then- even though it helped a lot with the first cup of coffee! I sipped my coffee and tasted the word.

Fabulous. Like fables. In danish Fabulous is actually called Fable-like, “Fabelagtig”. Fable-like. Like who we are when we are shining bright. Special beings with strong powers. The words we speak, the art we make and the songs that come to us when we are more than ourselves. The way we can be present, be friends, husbands and wives, parents or colleagues when we elevate to a place where logic and creativity come together and form a cup. A cup that can collect drops from heaven. Fables. “Fabulous-ness”. Stories that surprise even us. Our human hand meet our divine hand and they cup. Creativity ensures it is a spacious, adventurous and beautiful cup. Logic makes it durable and make sure it will be there tomorrow. When the two gather, the magic begins. Drops from heaven can land. Fables. Right in the middle of our Fabulous-ness.


I don´t think it takes genious to be fabulous. But it takes invitation for the two energies to find a place they can merge. So that our cup can hold the drops when it rains with fabulousness.

And perhaps an extra nap or a walk, to help the logic and creativity level with each other so magic can land in your cup!

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