Original paintings on sale, yes, really!!!!

8 minis trees & faces

(Minis, sold individually or in couples)

This almost never happens – actually it has never happened before, but I decided to make a real sale on a handful original paintings via my FB page, from now till Christmas!!! Yes, you can make a real bargain here, and I aim to create lots of space in my studio for a new year with new adventures!!!

Perhaps this will give you a chance to purchase your favourite painting, or gift someone special an original.

The prices on these are from 25 and up to 74 dollar/ 20 to 380 Euros, and all SERIOUSLY discounted compared to their value, up to about 50 % off. You can see all prices and other details in this FB post on my page RIGHT HERE! 

Don´t have access to FB, but are interested in a specific painting? Just send me a short e-mail at: [email protected], and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Here, the paintings on sale,

Love from Lise…..

PS: if you are looking for signed prints, calendars, cups and postcards, just head over to my shop right HERE, thank you!!! PPS: you can see my brand new CUPS HERE! Worldwide shipping.

Life flowing over

(Life flowing over)

Listening to you

(Listening to you)

Walking with care

(Walking with care)



Free Spirit

(Free Spirit)

Shared vision

(Shared Vision)

Old friends

(Old friends)

A life unfolding

(Life unfolding)

Flying vision

(Joy in the air)

Golden thoughts

(Golden thoughts)

Lake of dreams, new paintings and dwellings

I have been painting BIG! A friend suggested I would give myself that challenge in 2013, and I thought that would be a wonderful opportunity to allow myself to play and make a mess!!! And that´s what I did. And then I worked on with the mess. And tidied it up into 3 landscape paintings. And I loved the process. Learned a lot too.

Here is the first  one:

Lake of dreams

 “Lake of dreams” , 70 x 140 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Sometimes we need the place and space to cocoon away for our dreams to gain their full strength and become ready to work their wonders….

The space between us

“The space between us”, mixed media on canvas, 50 x 150 cm

The second painting is inspired by the title from the CD by Lars Muhl and Githa Ben David, “To heal the space between us”. Beautiful title, right? And so is the CD, I especially love this song. The painting is about the space between two beings that are connected. If the magic of that connection happens in the space between them (and it does!), then that space is a very important place. To be filled with care and awareness and beauty.  Kept fresh so that it may be a refreshing space.

Bridge of hope

“Bridge of hope”, mixed media on canvas, 70 x 140 cm

The third painting is called Bridge of hope. After posting it on facebook, a friend in turn posted the most beautiful poem by David Harris with almost the exact same title. I had never heard it before, but instantly loved it. And it beautifully carries the frequency I was contemplating whilst making this painting:

Beyond the bridge of hope
lies the land of charity
and with a little faith
one day I may get there.
Where everything is equal
and shared equally the same.
Faith leads as we venture
on across the bridge of hope
and into the arms of charity.
Each day we may struggle
to keep our lives afloat
as we venture closer
to the bridge of hope.

~David Harris~

Thank you for being there, witnessing and interacting in all your wonderful ways. I love that we are not on a journey alone, but very much together.

With love, Lise.

PS: The paintings are ready to find a new place to nest. Contact me for any purchase requests! You´ll find prices and more info HERE, thank you.

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