Helping hands

I know we are in this life-business together. I know we all need help from time to time, and each single one of us also have something we can offer to help others out.  And I know we can only be of true help when what we offer rings with our own integrity and mission in life.

These days I am recieving help that I couldn´t even have thought out and it humbles me completely. Believe me, I have tried to need help so desperately and not feel it came to me at all. I was probably repelling or not recognizing any help that could have come my way by being too full of needyness, rather than open to recieve with grace.

What I experience now is this: I have been so full of passion about this card-and-poster-project, and even though I knew I would not be able to do everything alone I jumped out and started it anyway, taking it one step at a time. And I have seen how help sometimes can come as from out of the blue when we are well, and doing our best with something we love. I am not saying I totally cracked the code of how this works, not at all, but I know for sure that it helps getting outselves into a place of well-being and passion rather than feeling like a victim.

I also know the help coming my way right now is not help given to me as a person, but to the essence of the products I created that are now eager to find their way into the world.

“Answering the stars” Original sold, signed print available here

One day some months ago, I wrote in my journal that I felt it was time to begin to sell cards and posters internationally. The day after, a visionary lady Janita from Holland offered from “out of the blue” to help me find shops in her country who would  sell my cards. She would do it out of pure support of the products. We only knew each other via facebook, and yet I knew instantly that it was genuine and that it would be ok to accept this most welcome help.

(Photo credit for the wonderful shot af Janita and the cards above: Paul Kelly)

She did an awesome job, here she is in a wonderful store in Groningen where they just ordered the second batch of cards, yay!

If you want, I would love to hear your storyes of needing help, and waiting for help, getting it, asking for it…..and maybe recieving it in surprising ways….?

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