Elephant: paper and pencils on paper. This one was made for Vincent a few days before he was born in 2006

I have been busy printing cards. It took forever. For me, a practical thing like searching the net for a fitting place to order prints on a bigger scale can be a far more time and energy consuming process than creating a painting. In my head, really simple things like that can become as big as elephants. Until I have tried it a couple of times and know how it goes. Honestly, I am a nervous freak around things like that. I avoid it, forget it, postpone it…..now you know!

Luckily many people in this world find stuff like that a piece of cake. So I asked for help. I got help from a dear friend who sat down with me and did the internet search. And also spend time with me creating a prototype version I can use again and again. One that won´t turn into an elephant-size thing because 1: it is easy and 2: I wrote it all down!!!

Card-factory in my livingroom last summer

Also many of you kind people helped me pick which motives to choose in my post about it on Facebook – Thank you so much! If we are not yet connected on FB, here is the link to my profile (Lise Meijer). And a warm invitation to be my friend there. I really truly love to connect with creative souls from around the world, and that may just be you!

So, I eventually found the right printer company. Today I ordered prints of 8 different cards for the starting round.  Now I just can´t wait to recieve the cards and send them on their journey out into this world. I will be sure to let you know when they are ready in my etsy shop….soooon!!!

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