We live in a temporary home, and right now our new house is being build in the garden. When we moved here 3,5 years ago, we knew we would not start building straight away, so I decided to make the most of this cosy temporary home. I love the idea of decorating straight on the walls and in this caravan I felt even more free to just go for it. This is what came out of playing around in the childrens room with paint and cut-out leaves in different papers.

The tree is simple to make:

  • draw a leave in a form you like, and draw many leaves after the first one, in as many different patterns and colors as you wish, then cut them out. I used wall papers, art paper and cut-out pieces in beautyful colors or patterns from magazines. I also made some in gold paper for the shiny look.
  • With a pencil (one you can wipe out) draw a big “bubble” on the wall, about your own height or as tall as you wish. That will mark the tree-area. When it has a good form, fill out the whole bubble with a soft color, I used soft yellow. Let it dry.
  • With the same pencil draw a tree, free-hand. Be spontaneous, like you were dancing, starting with the stem and moving on to smaller and smaller brances. It doesn´t have to be a perfect tree, it will look wonderful anyway once the leaves are on. Wipe out any lines not needed, and then paint the tree and branches in a stonger color, I used bright blue. Let dry
  • Now take all your leaves, and some strong glue (I recommend some kind of decoupage-glue like the one you buy in an art-shop), and have fun placing them all. Start spreading some leaves evenly all over the tree, and move on to filling out the gaps, going more in detail with color combinations you find pretty.

I pretended the wooden pieces on the wall was supposed to be there, and to me it looks just like a garden fence. As you can see Celeste and Vincent had fun adding clip-on-birds and other things to the tree.

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