Last week I wrote about my inspiration for this years cristmas-card from our village. Yesterday I finished that project. You can see the result in the buttom of this post. First some glimpses from the painting- process:

I started this canvas when I was playing with the girls in childrens creativity I used: different papers, decoupage-glue, acrylic colors, wet cloth.

Doodles, ideas. I went for the text from a Danish winter-song about how the Tree of life eventually will turn green when we “Give time”

I love this state: a piece forming up, and anything could still happen. Getting so inspired by color-combinations. All my stuff is on the left side. Did I tell you I am left-handed?
Playing with papers, crochet flowers, owls.
More playing, also with letters forming the words “Give time” and with buttons.
Slowly coming together.
Did you notice the key? That made me really happy! I love how the keys in life are often hidden in the places we least expect it. And how, with patience, vision and time, they surely will reveal themselves and come open up doors we did not even know existed. Decicion-and gluing time for the last bits now.
Finished painting/christmas card 2011: “Give time.”

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