I had a wave coming my way. A wave of goodness and confirmation. It was awesome. Thrilling. Surprising. “Butterflies in the stomach”-ing. It all came my way because of a song.

More than a year ago I wrote a song to the mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts. When I wrote it I had no idea how popular she was. I had just discovered her amazing paintings, and felt a wawe of healing in my artist heart through them. And then a song appeared.

Not long ago I recorded the song with my camera and sent it to Kelly Rae, asking if she would be ok with being mentioned in connection with that song on my blog. She responded so incredibly warm and asked if she could post it on her blog. So she wrote the sweetest post with a link to the song and to my blogpost.

(Rain, mixed media on canvas)

Then the very feelable and positive side-effect to this warm response from her kicked in: Soooo many visitors came to my blog during those days. Oh my, I was almost blown away when I realised just how many people are plugged into the inspiration coming from her. So many kind souls came via her blog to mine. To hear the song, and to read my story about it, leaving sweet comments.

I started writing a blog half a year earlier and was not used to anything near that number of visitors. I began checking in on my blog for visitors several times during the day and also checked how many people had watched the video (lots!). I could feel what people describe when they talk about addiction. I knew the wawe was borrowed and that I had to stop the “blog-drug-addiction”. And just find my own feet. Because, that is what we have to stand on in life: our own two feet. So, I slowly began to step back from the hyped feeling and just enjoy the ride. And work on with the things I love to do.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3OwFdONKf0&w=560&h=315]

(This is a recording of a song I wrote some years ago: “Quiet moment” Lyrics here.)

It´s quiet now. I am landed. Filled with gratitude. Some of you kind people who visited told me you will come back (welcome!). But the big wawe has calmed down. The song I wrote came from a quiet place in me. So does most songs I write. That is also where I create from when I paint. Quiet and timeless. I love to be in connection with that place.

But this experience made me realise something very important:  I totally enjoyed the feeling of being part of something BIG.  To connect big, share big. So enjoyable!

The song was written from pure gratitude. Because of what Kelly Rae had been able to be a channel for through her paintings. I am so thrilled that the song made her happy in return. Isn´t that what we want when we experience something  good:  to find a way to give back. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to give something back to the person who caused such a healing to the artist in me.  And to have the honor of recieving this wave of kindness back. So, so grateful. What a wave, what a beautyful ride!

On now, to see where my own two feet will take me next….

(“Old friends” , one of the very first paintings I made in my week alone where I began painting again, inspired after watching this KRR video where she paints live)

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