“Shine”  – a creative quickie

I have a list that I keep in copies in several semi-secret places: on the inside of my closet, in my wallet or my drawer. It´s a list of actions that I know are easy to do.  Actions I know will lift me up whenever I get heavvy or low in energy.  Because we all do loose spirits from time to time; only we tend to forget that when it happens. It must be part of the gravity governing this planet. And sometmes that gravity gets to us. We can make our downtour long or short, but we all go down from time to time. The list can be a helping hand in getting back on track easier and sooner. I got the idea from a sweet little book and immediately put it into action.

My list has 15 items, like: take a bath – watch a good movie – sit and write freely – do a 5 mins dance to nice music – go for a walk – call a friend – smile and breathe – read a few comforting lines in a favourite book and so on.

Wise to make this list on a good day, (the book suggests TODAY!).  Because when we are not that bright or well in ourselves, it is often hard to even think of any constructive action that could help change the situation. (Ugh, no, I will just sit here and feel sorry for myself for a while….)

(A helping hand – illustration I made to a book about practical help to children in grief)

Then your eye catches the list and you know that this is a message from the brighter, happier you to you, the one in the rut. And you may just choose to listen. Because you know this brighter you is wiser and she has the ability to give you gentle care. She won´t let you down, just help you get moving.

Moving into a place closer to who you really are. Loving and loved. Shining with your uniqueness that no-one, absolutely no-one can take away from you. Because this is who you really are. You never need to squeeze yourself into something foreign to you to shine. You just need to be the best version of you. And that includes being friend with yourself and giving yourself a way out when you are feeling down.

(together we can fly!)

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