A dear soul resently asked me if I would teach a workshop around new year. She would organize the whole thing, I just had to cencentrate on the day itself. A workshop-day for woman where we create space and time and process to cast out the mind for our wishes for the year to come.

Creative vision-workshops is part of what I do, and I love that part and would like to grow it. So I said YES!  and sent her my opening lines for the course. About a week later, she phoned me back, and told that she had found the hall for the workshop and sent out the invitation-mail, and had the first participants sign up already. Then she read the invitation to me. It was so great! I would definately join that workshop. She used most of my words. But she added something. She made it sound just so simple and profound and really delicious. Clearly, she was not trying to sell. She just really wanted it to happen.  And that, of course, makes the best PR in the world.

She also quoted these lines, that I wrote:

“One of the gifts we humans are granted is the ability to cast our eyes back 
 and learn from what was, and the ability to send our vision out to meet an unknown future, all the same time being right here – in the middle of the now from which all things are created. “

Great to read if as part of another persons setup. And what a relief for me to not have to sell my own workshop this time!

I have been asking for exactly that: The oppurtunity to focus less on PR and selling and more on content/creating stuff.  I am so grateful. We don´t all have to know how to do everything. I still like to do some PR work, but not all and not alone. We can do so much more when we work together. I want to deliberately embrace that. I want to be part of teams where we all do what we love to do, most of the time. Thank you, creation, for a wonderful world with so many different people, each single one a gem of skills and possibility.

 “Together through the seasons of life”, mixed media on canvas.

The painting above was made for my father and his wife. I am so grateful that my father found the love of his life – again, after my mother died. They are truly great together. This weekend they celebrated their 12,5 years anniversary which we call “copper wedding”, with the whole family, grandchildren etc. So great to see everyone and celebrate love through all weired and wonderful seasons of life.

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