OF COURSE I have got something for you to give your loved one for Valentines day, being a very romantic soul myself! Even if that loved one is yourself, you are going to love theese.

AND, if you write “Valentines gift” in the message box at check-out, I will include a romantic card for you to write someone  a sweet message of love!

Xx Lise.

Match made in heaven

“Match made in heaven”, available as a gorgeous BIG POSTER  right HERE, and as the small, signed  A4 poster HERE.

Shared language

“Seing you”, available as signed A4 print HERE (new!)

Sharing a moment

“Sharing a moment”, available as signed A4 print HERE (my personal favourite, romantic, right?) – and also as part of 2 of my postcard packs, this one with normal POST CARDS, and this one with BIG CARDS, theese are also very suitable for framing!

Blue hour

Blue hour, available as signed A4 print HERE (new)

Journey together

“Together through life”, available as signed A4 print HERE. (This one was created for my father and his wife at their 25 years anniversary, telling the story of two people being on a life-journey, true travel-companions, helping each other out with whatever comes up on their way)

Shared vision

“Shared Vision”, available as signed A4 prints right HERE.

Time for details

“Time for details”, because, that is what most woman really want to have, to feel content in life. Available as signed A4 print HERE (new) and also part of the romantic postcard pack below.

Birds and nourishment

Pack of 8 romantic postcards: BIRDS AND NOURISHMENT. You can see all the postcard packs available HERE.

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