I have recorded a small video for you. No, that is not at all true: I have recorded a very long and rather boring video! I have not yet learned the tricks on how  to create deliciously edited videos that last for max. 5 minutes and still conveys the important stuf. That will hopefully come, but until then ….

If you are among those who think it’s exciting to see other people paint, or if  you lean towards the theory that boredom is healthy – or, if you have sometimes wondered what it would be like to be a fly on my wall while I paint (I´m not imagining you necessarily dream about being a fly), well, then you have the chance now: 1/2 hour raw and unedited painting time where I chat, hum  and are a bit crazy whilst gluing paper on the canvas and allow it to turn into 3 dragonflies in a bigger painting.

WATCH THE “BORING” VIDEO! (During the first 2 minutes I tell part of the secret of how I draw the dragonflies – and from where I get the images – and perhaps you will like the ending too…..scroll away all you like!

Love from Lise.

PS: would you love to learn how to use paper in this way then come join the summer workshop from 27-29 July. 3 wonderful days with time for the immersion it can be hard to find in everyday life. There are currently two available rooms left for overnight students, so if you want one you should probably not wait too long with booking.

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